[CYUPDATE] 120615 Taeil’s Cyworld Update

20 Jun

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내가 잘때 항상 머리 옆에 두고 자는 방향제다은은한 블루베리향이 나는데 냄새가 진짜 너~무 좋다
그리고 볼때마다 웃고있어서 가끔 보면 기분이 좋다ㅋㅋ지금 컴터하다가 문득 봤는데 귀여워서나도 얘 따라서 같이 사진 한장ㅎ
TAGS: 블루베리 아침아직안먹어서 배고픔 가식섞인스마일
The air freshener I always place beside my head when I sleep.It gives off a gentle blueberry scent. I rea~lly like the smell.
And whenever I see it it’s smiling so sometimes I look at it and I feel goodㅋㅋI’m on the computer right now and happened to glance at it and it’s so cute.So I’ll imitate this kid too and take one picture with itㅎ
TAGS: Blueberry, I haven’t eaten breakfast, So I’m hungry, Pretentious smile

(cr: Taeil’s Cyworld Translated By: kroongho@blockbintl.com)


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