[BNSCAFE] 120618 Taeil’s Cafe Update

20 Jun
[Taeil] I’m eating Jjapaghetti

I’m making Jjapaghetti right now you know? But I must have not put in enough water

The Jjapaghetti completely became dduk what should I do about this ㅡㅡ;

I greedily made 2 for nothing, it’s completely ruined


You guys eat deliciously too >,.<

And I went to the dentist yesterday and they said that if you eat coffee and curry your teeth will turn yellow

So I’m not going to eat them now

You guys don’t eat it too

Then that’s it for now

And I hate Mondays the mostㅡㅡ

(T/N: 1. Jjapaghetti is a type of instant noodle. 2. What Taeil means by “dduk” is that the noodles became sticky like rice cakes.)

(cr: BB-CLUB Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL)


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