[CYUPDATE] 120501 Kyung’s Cyworld Update

3 May
스킨 선물 고마워요 잘쓸께요^^
Thanks for the cyworld skin you gave me, I’ll put it to good use^^

T/N: Kyung trolled BBCs by changing his cyworld skin to a tiled picture of a cute girl. He wrote underneath his profile picture “I’ll use the skin you gave me.”
Posted Image

He promptly changed it a few minutes after, back to his own picture and erased the words underneath his profile picture.

Resized to 73% (was 932 x 569) – Click image to enlargePosted Image


그깟 장난하나에 삐진거야? ㅋ소심들해가지고! 잘못했어Posted Image
You turned sulky because of such a joke?ㅋ! You guys are too sensitive! I’m sorryPosted Image

Kyung’s Photo Update

Posted Image


Good Night!

T/N: He has deleted this photo entry now.

(cr: Kyung’s Cyworld Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com)


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