[INT] 120419 Block B @ Hanryu

23 Apr


First of all, can you please start by introducing yourselves?
B-Bomb: Hello, I’m B-Bomb, in charge of dancing.
Park Kyung: Hello, I’m Park Kyung.
Jaehyo: Hello, I’m Jaehyo.
Zico: Hello, I’m Zico, the leader.
Taeil: Hello, I’m the main vocalist, Taeil.
U-Kwon: Hello, I’m U-Kwon.
P.O: Hello, I’m P.O.

How many times have you come to Japan so far?
Zico: This is our second time here.

How are your impressions of Japan?
U-Kwon: They’re good impressions.
Jaehyo: The streets are clean, and everyone is so well-mannered and orderly.
Park Kyung: Japanese people are really kind and polite, aren’t they, Zico?
Zico: Yeah, that’s true.
Park Kyung: For example, people assume whether Zico’s a Japanese person.
Zico: Ah, thanks (bows)

At what times do you think to yourselves “Wow, we have a lot of popularity~”?
Jaehyo: We don’t have that much popularity to the extent of realizing it yet, I think we shouldn’t put an effort into that.
B-Bomb: We feel that whenever a lot of fans come to our concerts.
Park Kyung: When they come to see us at the airport and such.

What is Block B’s name’s origin?
Zico: Originally, Park Kyung and I were in a group called “Blockbuster”, and as the members increased, we decided to shorten the name. It has the meaning of becoming a group with big influence and a lot of popularity in the music business.

What are everyone’s dreams?
B-Bomb: Block B winning an award like the Rookie of the Year award.
Park Kyung: I wish the members would get along better.
Jaehyo: I want to be someone who’s able to give my parents money for personal expenses.
Zico: I want to refine my interior side. I also want to be able to experience cultural things more like
reading books and watching movies.
Taeil: I want to go to the pub that’s named like me and have a party there with the rest of the members.
U-Kwon: I want to compose music and write lyrics.
P.O: I want to be able to drive my own car.

Until now, what have been your happiest and saddest moments?
B-Bomb: As a singer, the time when I went up on stage for the first time has been my happiest moment so far.
Park Kyung: When I signed a contract with our company while I was studying abroad in New Zealand.
Jaehyo: I got really sad during my trainee period, when my singing wasn’t good enough.
Zico: The happiest moment for me was when I saw my own name on our album’s credits.
Taeil: I was really happy when I saw the shiny and sparkling lights coming out of the penlights at yesterday’s concert.
U-Kwon: When I gave my mother a pair of shoes as a present. When I saw how pleased she looked, I was so happy that tears came out.
P.O: I’m happy whenever my parents and friends take care of me and appreciate me.

Tell us about your planned activities for the future.
Zico: We’re going to continue with our current promotional activies until our next album comes out. When the CD comes out for sale, we have plans for a showcase here in Japan. Please check out our home page in detail.

Please send a message to the J:com viewers:
Zico: To the J:com viewers, we’re Block B. Please anticipate us since we’re currently promoting in Japan.
I think that our next album will be even better than our previous one. Please pay attention to the song lyrics that were translated into Japanese as well. We would be glad if you guys enjoyed listening to it. Since we’ll do our best from now on, please support us! We’re Block B! Do you wanna B?
All members: Block B! Thank you!

(cr: Jcom Translated by: Higurashi @ BlockBIntl)


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