[VARIETY] 120306 Block B @ BolBulBok Show 2

12 Mar


Block B appeared on the last broadcasting of “Bokbulbok Show 2”

Block B’s appearance on this coming’s MBC every1 “BokbulBok Show 2” on March 7th wraps up the 102th episode.

On the day of the last episode, an exclusive refrigerator and cupboard, which could only be opened by the production crew, revealed mealworms, deer genitals, horse eyes, muskrat, rotten tofu, and more in a selection of 40 foods, and they were brought out in honor of Bokbulbok Show.

Among the last guests invited, Block B members B-bomb and U-kwon were voted in to directly taste the Bokbulbok foods. While watching them eat, youngest member P.O. could not help but laugh at their frightened faces.

“Bokbulbok Show 2” gained a huge fanbase with their unique concept of tasting colorful world foods through the Bokbulbok game.

Source: NATE
Translated By: Youngha @BLOCKBINTL


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